Miia Niemelä

Machine Learning Engineer



Miia Niemelä is a Machine Learning Engineer for Wolt’s ML Platform team. In her role she helps other teams in building their ML products and develops tooling for them, recently she’s been developing tooling for feature storing. Miia believes that the most important purpose of an ML platform team is to ease the life of data scientists and speed up the delivery of good quality ML products, and therefore the user experience of the tooling needs to be always kept in mind. Previously Miia has worked as a consultant in data & ML engineering, helping customers to plan their ML platform architectures and bring DevOps mindset to the development of ML products.


Beyond technology: Why Your AI Initiative Needs a Solid ML Platform Team and How to Excel at It

In the Spotlight: Miia

Why do you want to present at the festival?

This festival has an inspiring purpose that I want to be part of and I also heard the spirit last year was great. I'm looking forward to meeting and sharing with like-minded people.

What is one person in your field of work that you admire and why?

Chip Huyen. I love her blog posts and book on ML systems, she has an amazing ability to concretize complex problems and write about them in a clear and relatable way. This is a rare skill.

Why would you recommend someone to join this field?

Working in ML and engineering is exciting, you get to solve complex problems and learn new things all the time as the change is quite fast paced. You certainly don't get bored!

What is the hottest topic/thing you have learned in the last few months, and why?

We have been experimenting with providing streaming features to ML projects and I find this topic quite fascinating as it requires a whole new level of operational excellence.

Why did you choose to give a talk about "Beyond technology: Why Your AI Initiative Needs a Solid ML Platform Team and How to Excel at It"?

Platform teams are usually something that work behind the scenes and don't the get the credit of new and shiny things built, but at the same time they are responsible for the foundation that enable fast paced development. I want to raise awareness of the ML platform team's role and how essential this team is in scaling and leveraging AI.

What’s there to learn for our attendees?

Why and when you need and ML platform team, how does it help the organisation to scale the AI initiatives and how to make it successful.

Who is this talk for?

Anyone working in data and ML, curious of the role of ML Platform team and how we operate it at Wolt.