Ulrike Kerber



Viva Design Inc.


Boosting Creativity with AI

In the Spotlight: Ulrike

What motivates you to speak at the festival?

I always like to share what I find in my research because it benefits many people. I also would like to take fear out of the AI topic and use it in a playful way to boost creativity.

What is one person in your field of work that you admire and why?

I admire the two Co-Founders from the Center for Humane Technology Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin who discuss AI critically in their film "The AI Dilemma". They offer new perspectives and warnings about AI's rapid development.

Why would you recommend someone to join this field?

AI will entangle into everyday life. You are joining no matter what...and it is best to know what you are up to.

What is the hottest topic/thing you have learned in the last few months, and why?

I experiment a lot with new tools and the AI video tools are starting to look promising.

What is something funny that you have found out about the industry you are working in related to Data or AI?

An AI app that helps you talk with your cat. MeowTalk is the world's first science-backed and AI-powered cat translator app.

Why did you choose to do a session about "Boosting your creaticity with AI"?

I am a brand and motion designer and use mostly digital tools like the Adobe Creative Suite. With the release of AI tools, the designer's tool-set expands, and so does your creative superpower. You can boost your creativity and productivity exponentially with these new tools.

What’s there to learn for our attendees?

Learning how to create images, texts, speech, talking head animations, and videos with AI.

Who is this talk for?

Anyone who wants to be creative, designers, design managers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, etc.