Maria-Liisa Bruckert

Founder and CPO



Maria-Liisa Bruckert is the founder and CPO of the AI start-up IQONIC.AI. The company offers AI-based skin and hair analyses as SaaS solutions for brands and retailers in beauty and health. IQONIC.AI uses technology and innovation to increase customer satisfaction, reduce mispurchases, and create a sustainable, inclusive, and diverse future for the industry.

Prior to founding the company, Maria-Liisa had a successful career at Siemens, where she also contributed to the company's global digitalization strategy. During her international education in industrial engineering and electrical engineering, she lived on different continents and got to know different perspectives.

For her technological expertise and her work with IQONIC.AI, she was named one of the "Top 20 Women in AI Germany" by RE•WORK 2022.


In the spotlight: Maria-Liisa

What motivates you to present at the festival?

I have been supporting women in tech for years. We as a company (IQONIC.AI) are acting as role models (>60% of employees are female).

What is one person in your field of work that you admire and why?

Dr. Shomit Gose. We met in Silicon Valley and he shared his experience on use cases and the right implementation. This perspective completely changed the way we could benefit from AI.

Why would you recommend someone to join this field?

AI is the future, allowing us to rethink processes and industries. It opens the door to working on the great challenges of today's society.

What is the hottest topic/thing you have learned in the last few months, and why?

Quantum-inspired methods because they allow us to do even more amazing things with AI – faster and with a smaller initial data base.

What is something funny that you have found out about the industry you are working in related to Data or AI?

from categorization each human face can be classified as "frog" or "rabbit"