Inna Zykova

Data Engineer Consultant




Tuning your ML Platform to get ahead in the GenAI race: challenges and takeaways

Interview with Inna

Why do you want to speak at W+DAI?

I've heard many great reviews from my colleagues about last year's W+DAI conference—about exciting topics, inspiring speakers, and a great audience. So, it is a perfect opportunity to join this community and start my 'conference speaker' path in such a lovely and supportive environment.

What is one person in your field of work that you admire and why?

The main person I admire and with whom I had the honor to work - is Katharine Jarmul. If you've ever seen her talk or worked with her - you 100% already know what I mean; if not, she is an amazing person who is ready to support and inspire in any unclear situation. She shows by her example how, on the one hand, you can be technically excellent (for example, her incredible book 'Practical Data Privacy') and at the same time have the highest soft skill ever. Her enthusiasm, openness, and energy infect everyone in the room. And also she is a speaker at W+DAI too.

What is the hottest topic/thing you have learned in the last few months, and why?

The first that comes to my mind is AI-enabled cameras: Devices equipped with AI cameras can identify and describe objects in the environment. For instance, apps like Seeing AI by Microsoft use the camera on a smartphone to analyze the scene and provide audio descriptions of people, objects, and even text in real time. This technology still should be carefully used, but it is incredible how this could help people who are visually impaired for example.

Why did you choose to give a talk about this topic specifically?

My team developed a helpful solution for data science teams who want to try GenAI on the ML platform. During its development and maintenance, we encountered many difficulties and absurd situations and learned a lot of new things. Considering that the scope of our project is quite acute and attracts other specialists, I want to share our experience and bruises.

Who is this talk for?

This talk is for anyone interested in GenAI and LLM, who maintains ML Platforms, and who is in love with data science.