Alexandra Wudel

CEO & Founder



Alexandra Wudel is the CEO and Founder of FemAI, a company aiming to bring intersectional and inclusive feminism into the world of AI. As one of the youngest entrepreneurs, researchers, and consultants in the field of AI ethics, she was named "AI Person of the Year 2024", received the title of "35 under 35 Young Leaders" from Santander CIDOB in 2023, and was recognised as one of 25 global experts on ethical considerations in AI. Ms Wudel has published scientific papers on topics including facial recognition software and the socio-technological intercorrelations of AI and content moderation.

She has also contributed to the development of ethical AI guidelines for over 15 organisations, including the Federal Foreign Office, the UN, and the German Bundestag. With her feminist vision of a positive future with AI, Alexandra has been featured in national and international media outlets such as Tagesspiegel Background, DIE ZEIT, and Cosmopolitan.


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