Alexandra Cárdenas


Alexandra Cárdenas, a visionary artist from Bogota, Colombia, seamlessly merges composition, programming, and improvisation in her live coding practice to create captivating experimental electronic music. Her artistic journey is driven by a fascination with the algorithmic behavior of music, exploring the limitless possibilities of musicality within code. As a core member of the international Live Coding and Algorave communities, she co-founded diverse TOPLAP nodes, including Toplap Mexico and Toplap Berlin. Enchanting audiences worldwide with her technical mastery and creative expression, Alexandra teaches and performs using the free, libre, and open-source live coding languages SuperCollider and TidalCycles. Inspired by a diverse educational background in composition, mathematics, and classical guitar studies, Alexandra completed a Master's Degree in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at the Universität der Künste in Berlin, where she currently resides. Fearlessly pushing boundaries and challenging conventions, Alexandra Cárdenas invites audiences to question and explore the symbiotic relationship between technology and music. Through her performances, workshops, and residencies, she strives to cultivate a world where technical and artistic education is accessible to all, empowering diverse communities and nurturing a utopian landscape where code becomes a universal language of creative expression.

In addition to her groundbreaking work in live coding, she holds a deep-seated commitment to empowering women within the sphere of digital creativity. As a fervent advocate for gender diversity and inclusivity, she played a pivotal role in co-founding Livecodera, a transnational collective aimed at nurturing the skills of women-identifying live coders. Her impactful presentations, enthralling performances, and personal narrative have positioned her as a source of inspiration for numerous women worldwide. She encourages them to leverage the potency of creativity and digital technologies, enabling them to unlock their potential and reshape their environments.