Turning your data and AI algorithms into full web apps in no time with Taipy


Studio C

Who hasn't heard of the "Pilot Syndrome"? 85% of Data Science Pilots remain pilots and do not make it to the production stage. Let's build a production-ready and end-user-friendly Data Science application. 100% python and 100% open source. Phase 1, Building the GUI: create an interactive and powerful interface in a few lines of code Phase 2, integrated back end: Manage your models and pipelines and create scenarios the smart way.


Marine Gosselin

Developer Advocate

I have developed data science solutions for the finance and banking industry for the past four years. With this experience, I recently evolved to a Developer Advocate position for an open-source python library, Taipy. I am a Python enthusiast with a soft spot for beautiful dashboards. I am on a mission to bring some diversity and sparkle to the tech world.

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