The Data-Driven Business in 2023 - How Algorithms Enable Continuous Transformation in a World of Hyper Change


In a world of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) enterprises need to continuously transform their business to remain competitive. Despite this being well known it is much easier said than done. Since five years SAP Signavio is developing process mining technology to provide their customers a unique data-driven perspective into their business processes. We are a cloud-native startup acquired by SAP in 2021. Based on a modern tech stack we develop our own data lakehouse optimized for process mining. In this talk Susanne will explain the basics of process mining and how insights generated by process mining algorithms can drive business transformations. Susanne‘s talk will also highlight some process mining algorithms, such as process discovery algorithms. Further, Susanne will share details of SAP Signavio‘s data lakehouse architecture and some of the challenges and lessons learned on our way to one of the most advanced process mining tooling vendors.

Dr. Susanne Braun

Principal Tech Lead
Susanne Braun is a software architect located in Berlin. She works as Principal Tech Lead at SAP Signavio and is mostly interested in data-intensive systems, distributed systems, and data engineering.
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