Rock Your Profile

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Festival Space

Festival Space

The workshop covers:

  • Your Profile (hands-on tips around a good profile and useful features)
  • Your Network (how to grow a high quality network)
  • Your Voice (best practices around sharing content, how to find the information and inspiration you need)

Gaby Wasensteiner

Senior Brand Manager

Gaby is responsible for building the brand of the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn, in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) as Senior Brand Manager. After obtaining her Master’s degree in Japanology, Transnational German Studies, and Pedagogy, she worked in various countries, industries, and companies. During these years, she gained a lot of experience not only in the areas of marketing and intercultural communication but also in the areas of personal branding, networking, and job search. She has a particular passion for the topics of diversity and inclusion. As a LinkedIn career expert, Gaby speaks about these topics and her insights, and in “Rock Your Profile” workshops, she provides practical tips and tricks on how to use LinkedIn and build one’s own profile.

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