Prompt Your Way Into The Future: AI, Lifelong Learning And The Skills of Tomorrow



AI will not replace managers anytime soon. But the managers that use AI will thrive over the ones that do not - that is for sure. With the ongoing technological revolution, industries are being reshaped, business models are disrupted, and societal changes are occurring. As a result, leaders are facing an urgent need to adapt and evolve their roles to meet the demands of this new landscape.

This talk will address the transformations and challenges in managerial and leadership roles that come with the wide adoption of AI tools. We will discuss the future of skills required to thrive in a digital world, emphasizing the idea of adapting and excelling in the face of intelligent leadership. The talk will also provide practical examples of how AI can augment your performance, serving as a valuable digital co-pilot. 

Additionally, we will highlight the significance of lifelong learning in a rapidly evolving landscape. Lifelong learning is not only crucial for you to adapt to new technologies but also to foster the development of the relevant skills that will drive success in the future. By embracing AI and committing to lifelong learning, leaders can position themselves as proactive agents of change, driving their organizations towards sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Join us as we explore the transformative potential of (not only generative) AI, the importance of lifelong learning, and the skills that will define successful leaders in the future. Discover how you can prompt your way into the future by harnessing the power of AI and embracing lifelong learning to stay ahead in the turbulent reality of 2023 - and beyond.


Daria Hvizdalova

Board Member
42 Prague

Daria has two passions in her life, technology and education, and is on a mission to disrupt both at 42 Prague, a non-profit free peer-to-peer coding institution. She co-founded Mainware, a software company for industrial maintenance management. Daria is also a visiting lecturer on AI in Business Processes at the European School of Business and Management, and a public speaker on technology, innovation, AI, and robotics who has spoken at various conferences, including TEDx, Hannover Messe, and World Summit AI. She served as a PM and Local Chair of Human-Level AI 2018, which is the world's biggest academic multi-conference aimed at advancing the creation of thinking machines with general intelligence at the human level and beyond. This year, Daria has been featured as Forbes 30 under 30 - a selection of inspirational millennials from art, business, sport, and medicine.

Photo credits: Anna Kovacic for Forbes CZ

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