How to get started with investing for financial independence

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Discover the exciting world of investing in our workshop designed to ignite your financial journey. Join us for a learning experience tailored specifically for beginners, as we demystify the complexities of the investment landscape and decode the basics of building wealth. Julia will guide you through practical, step-by-step strategies that make investing accessible, ensuring you embark on your financial independence journey with confidence. Prepare to unleash your potential, as this workshop takes you on an exciting path towards financial independence and a prosperous future.


Julia Kruslin

Co-founder of beatvest | Forbes 30u30 | TEDx speaker

Julia is co-founder of the investment app beatvest, with which you can easily and playfully learn how to build passive wealth. Before founding beatvest, Julia worked at the strategy consultancy Strategy&. Her passion is working at the intersection of tech and business. She has a master's degree in business from WU Vienna and additional education as full-stack web developer.

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