Generative AI in Production


As excitement about Generative AI and LLMs sweeps through the business world, understanding its practical application becomes crucial. This talk offers a hands-on guide to transforming generative AI from a novel idea into a core organizational asset. Featuring the journey of BennoAI, the GenAI-Assistant developed by Sest-Digital, this talk explores essential stages from prototype to production. 

This narrative provides insights into the strategic application of AI, pinpointing how to overcome common obstacles and tailor AI to meet specific business needs. Leave with actionable strategies that empower you to harness the full potential of AI in your company, driving substantial business value.


Larissa Mikolaschek

Head of Tech
Sest GmbH

As Head of Tech at Sest-Digital, Larissa Mikolaschek leads teams across different disciplines, focusing on the technical aspects of client projects. As a mathematician and software developer, she specialises in artificial intelligence and data science. Larissa uses her expertise to develop AI software and infrastructure, as well as to consult companies on these technologies.

She has conducted over 100 consulting and training sessions on AI, helping more than 20 companies successfully integrate AI solutions into their businesses. Known for her ability to make complex technical topics understandable, Larissa acts as an intermediary between technical teams and non-technical audiences.

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