From Zero to Hero: How we unlocked the potential of unstructured image and text data in Delivery Hero


Studio C

Our databases in Delivery Hero hold food culture insights from over 70 countries worldwide. In this talk, we will drive into our journey of transforming the volumes of unstructured data, using cutting-edge machine learning models to establish structure, meaning, and relationships within our products at a global level. We will also show how, unlocking the potential of this data, empowers us to lead the way in innovation, business decisions and increase customer satisfaction.


Dr. Aleksandra Kovachev

Data Science Manager
Delivery Hero

Aleksandra Kovachev completed a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering with focus on complex networks - from protein interactions to multiplex networks. She was working in the Bioinformatics field before joining Delivery Hero in 2018. Today with her team of multi-disciplinary Data Scientists, she is on a mission to build a world catalogue of dishes and unlock the power of unstructured data from customer taste profiles, and knowledge graphs to data competition, all with help of state-of-the-art Machine Learning. She is a passionate promoter of women in technology, organising, supporting events, and mentoring female colleagues since her University days.

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