From Princess to Samurai: Decoding Responsible AI Through the Samurai Philosophy


In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) has become a commodity, Responsible AI has never been more crucial. But how do we ensure our AI systems embody robustness, fairness, accuracy, and ethics? 

In this talk, I explore Responsible AI and diversity, advocating for an approach inspired by the principles of samurai philosophy. I show how the tenets of samurai philosophy, like discipline, courage, mastery, and strategic thinking, can revolutionize women's roles in technology and leadership. By applying these principles, we can redefine the creation of AI systems by emphasizing the critical role of gender diversity in fostering AI solutions that are innovative, fair, and effective.


Dr. Larysa Visengeriyeva

Head of Data and AI. creator

Larysa holds a PhD in Computer Science. In her professional capacity, she serves as the head of Data and AI at Larysa is also the creator of and co-creator She is the founder of the Women+ in Data and AI Festival in Berlin.

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