From Data to Decision



Modern enterprises are essentially massive decision engines, making hundreds of millions of decisions every day. Increasingly, data is an essential part of the decision-making process. In other words, data is the fuel of the decision engine. But scaling access to data, and finding quality, fit-for-purpose data is becoming harder and harder, and data architectures are overfitting for yesterday's use cases. This talk will look at how Data Mesh architectures are reversing the trends, moving data producers closer to data consumers, and giving teams better tools for experimentation and adaptation, all for making decisions better, faster, and at scale.


Emily Gorcenski

Head of Data, Principal Data Scientist
Thoughtworks Germany

Emily Gorcenski is the Head of Data & AI for Thoughtworks Germany. A data scientist by training, Emily's background in computational mathematics and research engineering has led her to solve interesting problems across a wide range of industries, from spaceflight to retail to medical devices. Most recently, she has been working on Data Mesh theory and practice and is using her engineering and science background to develop best practices for data product development. A passionate activist, she has also used her skills to contribute to award-winning data journalism.

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