Building And Scaling a Machine Learning Platform For Even More Freude Am Fahren


Studio C

Since 2022, the Connected AI Platform is live for BMW data science use cases in the domain of connected drive vehicle functions and services. The AWS and Kubeflow based platform enables data scientists to finally lift their use cases and models to production while following MLOps best practices. In this session, we will not only dive into the architectural design and scalability of the platform, but also share what it takes to successfully onboard different kind of users and use cases.


Magdalena Kuhn

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Formerly a pure data scientist, Magdalena transitioned to a Machine Learning Engineer role during her last job at Delivery Hero in 2020. Now, at BMW she works as a senior machine learning engineer on building, operating and scaling a Machine Learning Platform. Thereby, she benefits from her knowledge in data science and DevOps to push and spread MLOps principles within BMW. Outside of work, she loves both exploring vibrant big cities as well as enjoying calm and picturesque places of nature.

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