AI For Power Plants


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A power plant fails. This puts operators on alarm. For them, it means revenue losses and additional costs of up to one million € per day. But it is not only the companies suffer. In the worst-case power fails for several cities and regions. As a result, the water supply is impaired, access to the internet is blocked, medical equipment and the entire supply chain no longer function. A blackout can affect millions of people and endanger critical infrastructure. That all because a power plant was not properly maintained. Scenarios like these are what plant operators want to prevent scenarios – their goal is to receive an alarm at an early stage. This is the aim of RWE Generation SE. It operates the gas power plant in Pembroke, Wales. It is considered as one of the most complex plants in the world and supplies over three million residents with electricity. Thousands of sensors continuously collect measurements of temperature, pressure and other parameters that monitor the health of each of the numerous components. Using artificial intelligence, the maintenance requirements and health of power plants can be predicted. RWE Generation SE is successively integrating AI applications into its plants. With the support of adesso the employees of the RWE subsidiary can recognize exactly when they can carry out maintenance with optimized value.


Dr. Katarzyna Stoltmann

Proxy Product Owner

Katarzyna has been driving innovation for customers and research since more than 10 years. She served in different roles: analyst, analyst lead, consultant, tech lead, product owner, as well as requirements engineer and IT project manager. She is fascinated by data diversity and its influence on the market development. She loves robotics, artificial intelligence, multimodal communication, and linguistics. In addition to her professional work in artificial intelligence, she loves to network, to bring people together and to support them to find their path. She served as spokesperson of the Leibniz PhD Network, Board Member of N2 (representing approx. 16.000 doctoral researchers), and mentor of Women in Big Data. Last but not least, she has co-founded Women in Big Data Berlin network as well as Leibniz Alumni Network.

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