Interview with Martina Freers

Get an inside look into INNOQ’s motivations and objectives for hosting the Women+ in Data and AI Festival through our exclusive interview with Martina, Managing Director at INNOQ.

Discover how INNOQ supports and promotes diversity in the tech industry, their goals behind the festival, and the inspiring vision that drives their commitment. Read on to learn more about INNOQ’s efforts to foster an inclusive and innovative environment in the technology sector.

What motivates INNOQ to host the Women+ in Data and AI Festival, and how does it align with the company's culture?

The motivation for INNOQ to host the Women+ in Data and AI Festival is deeply rooted in our company culture. A central concern is to promote women in the IT industry. This reflects our commitment to consciously and critically advance new and important topics. These values are firmly embedded in our DNA and drive us to create a platform that supports and inspires women in the technology sector.

At INNOQ, we place great value on creating an environment where different perspectives and backgrounds are appreciated. The festival allows us to externalize these values and actively promote women in IT.

Can you tell us how the idea for the festival came about and what role INNOQ played in it?

The idea for the Women+ in Data and AI Festival came about in 2020 when our employee Larysa developed the concept, inspired by her experience at a Women in Machine Learning and Data Science (WiMLDS) Meetup. This meetup created an inclusive and encouraging atmosphere that motivated Larysa to bring this experience to a larger stage.

INNOQ supported the vision from the beginning by providing resources and our network to realize the festival and create a platform for female and gender-diverse tech talents.

What specific goals does INNOQ pursue with this festival, and what impact does INNOQ hope to have on the company's image?

By hosting the Women+ in Data and AI Festival, INNOQ pursues several strategic goals. We want to showcase our expertise in Data and AI. At the same time, we see the festival as an excellent opportunity to meet talented professionals and expand our network.

Moreover, we aim to make a significant contribution to promoting diversity in the tech industry, reflecting our corporate culture and values.

What role does INNOQ play as the host of the event?

Our support for the festival encompasses several aspects. We deliberately provide our employees with time to take care of the organization and execution of the festival. Logistically and content-wise, we support the event through our network and resources to ensure its success.

What role do events like the Women+ in Data and AI Festival play for INNOQ in terms of internal and external community building?

Events like the Women+ in Data and AI Festival are important for INNOQ, both for internal and external community building. We actively promote communities and meetups because we firmly believe in the value of knowledge exchange and networking.

Such events offer our employees the opportunity to develop further and make new contacts while we simultaneously showcase our expertise and values externally.

How can the community contribute to making the festival a success?

The community can significantly contribute to the success of the festival by actively participating and engaging. The exchange and interaction become more valuable the more people get involved. We welcome everyone who participates and invite all to foster dialogue and create a more diverse environment together.

Martina freers

Martina focuses on team and process development, stakeholder management, and requirements management in her role as Principal Consultant and Managing Director at INNOQ Germany. With over 15 years of experience in international software development, she leads various client projects and serves as a coach and advisor. Martina believes that open, goal-oriented communication within teams and projects, as well as with stakeholders, is crucial for project success.